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‘The Relief', quit smoking in one day!

‘The relief' is a successful training for already over 10 years takes you only 1 day. The Relieftraining is a unique method which teaches you in an extraordinary simple way to step out of your addiction. In fact, you learn to do the opposite of what is commonly practiced when you stop smoking. Instead of fighting against the thought and desire of smoking, you learn to understand and let go of this mechanism. In fact we teach every participant how to quit it's addiction. Staying addicted and stop smoking is ‘using the will-power method' which is not a Relief, but is leaving off something that is still a desirable thing. The training shows the mechanism of the addiction and is consequently applicable to other addictions.

You will do it yourself!
You are the only one who can decide to stop smoking. There is nobody in this training that tells you to stop. In ‘the relief' the trainer will give you all the information and all the tools you need to make the decision and to let go forever. In this training interactive methods are being used to give you the opportunity to make the decision yourself. We will do it rationally; you will learn to understand how your addiction to smoking works. And we will do it emotionally; you will learn to understand how your emotions turn out to be the engine of your addiction.

Target group:
‘The relief' is a training that is meant for every smoker that has moments of being fed up with smoking and wants to kick the habit once and for all. No matter what the reason is, whether it is because of the costs, or loss of health and vitality, or just because of being fed up with dependence of always having cigarettes at hand. Some people want the stop smoking because their children wonder why and some because their colleagues find that they spent too much time smoking outside or in the smoke-room. In the end every smoker has his own reason to let go forever. However an attempt to stop smoking without support regularly ends up with losing one's face.

The relieftraining exceeds other methods:

  • A very high level of interaction with participants.
  • The program is strongly variable and therefore fascinating to attend.
  • The presentation of the training is businesslike, understandable, no-nonsense, and humorous.
  • Particularly effective for every educational level.
Where and when
‘The Relief' is organized as an open training as well as incompany training. The open training is organized in a number of  cities in the Netherlands, depending on the number of participants.  In-company training can be arranged at your premises all over Europe. Please contact us if you are interested.